February 18, 2014

Adam's Canyon Part I

Matt had the day off for President's Day yesterday. We spent the day (noon to five) on the Adam's Canyon trail. We weren't the only ones with this idea. I saw at least twenty people on this trail that day. It wasn't as much as on a summer Saturday.

This is our sixth time on this trail. The first five times were during the summer over three years. This was our first time during late winter. It was a perfect day. No precipitation. Cloudy. Fifty Fahrenheit. The ground was wet at some parts and dry on others. Snow and slush was common deeper in the canyon. I slipped and slid but it wasn't bad with Matt helping me on the inclines.


  1. I love that you guys go hiking so often. Beautiful pictures.

  2. We love hiking. At least I feel accomplished after it's done. Because it gets tough and it's takes a long time.