November 23, 2013

Stewart Falls

Jenny and her family hiked the Stewart Falls trail during the height of summer. I'm sure it is a magical place no matter the season. However, avalanche is a danger during the winter so avoid it then. It is open during the spring, summer and fall. The traffic is busy so the restroom is available at the trailhead parking lot. It is an easy, in-and-out, 3.6 miles round-trip. Exploring the top of the falls is optional. I was afraid of the steep slope, so I stopped at the base. Matt climbed up to the top of the lower waterfall.

GPS trailhead coordinates (source): N40˚ 24.263' W111˚ 36.323
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Most of the deciduous trees had shed their leaves by the middle of October. Yellow aspen leaves littered the ground. Hikers trampled the leaves turning them gray in the middle of the path. In the canyon crook, where the trail started, cold air settled and frosted the leaves.

There must have been something in the mountain air. Matt sneezed violently causing the trees to bend.


  1. Hoda Katebi11/29/2013

    These photos are so beautiful! It looks like you had such a great time! c: xx

    <(") Hoda

  2. These are beautiful!! I am following your blog for hiking tips!

  3. kelsey bang12/14/2013

    such fun pictures! I love hiking stewart falls! one time i hiked it when it will still frozen over from winter and slipped and fell on my face so hard! it was pretty funny :) All those leaves are so awesome!

  4. That is funny. I would have laughed if I were there or attempt to hide my inappropriate laughing. Thanks Kelsey.