November 22, 2013

Buffalo Peak

GPS trailhead coordinates (source): N40˚ 16.973 W111˚ 36.313'2013-10-27c 2013-10-27a 2013-10-27b 2013-10-27d 2013-10-27f 2013-10-27g 2013-10-27h 2013-10-27e
2013-10-27k 2013-10-27j 2013-10-27l  

This one sunny October Saturday was filled with two hikes. The first was a one mile round trip up to Buffalo Peak. Super short and sweet. It took more work to drive up the winding road than to hike the trail. The fall colors of the Utah landscape was phenomenal. It was earth tone, with a punch of yellow (from the aspen leaves). I think my outfit that day matched the fall mountainside very well. 

Once at the top of the peak, the view of Utah Lake was beautiful. The distance mountains looked fainter and fainter on the horizon.

Here is a preview of the next hike, to be posted tomorrow. Stay tune.


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  1. gentri lee11/25/2013

    SO beautiful! I love that you love hiking!! <3